Inspiring Educators Recognized at Tribute to Teachers 2017

Bato Balani Foundation and Diwa revealed the honorees of “The Many Faces of the Teacher 2017” last September 1 at the “Tribute to Teachers” event held at the Shangri-La The Fort, Manila. Mr. Ronaldo Reyes, Dr. Bernadeth Gabor, Dr. Aimee Lynn Dupo, and Ms. Lord Jane Dordas were applauded by their peers in the annual gathering attended by educators from all over the Philippines.

Tribute to Teachers is an annual event that celebrates the teaching profession. It aims to honor and pay homage to the teachers who have risen above themselves to become true catalysts of change. Part of this celebration is the announcement and recognition of the honorees of “The Many Faces of the Teacher” (TMFT) campaign, a yearly search for inspiring educators worthy of emulation.

The four honorees came from different fields. Mr. Reyes is a Science teacher who advocates the use of research not only in the classroom but also to solve problems of the community. Dr. Gabor is a college teacher who provides training to the detainees of the Bataan District Jail in various TESDA certified courses to help in their rehabilitation and reintegration. Dr. Dupo is a scientist who teaches not only the students of the University of the Philippines where she is based but also farmers and community workers about the value of moths, spiders and other wildlife in our ecosystem. Finally, Ms. Dordas is an elementary teacher who is working towards the preservation and propagation of the Panay Bukidnon tribe's culture. 

The event likewise signals the start of Diwa’s celebration of its 35th year anniversary with the theme “I Move the Nation”.

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