Team First Asia leaders convene for Management Board Forum 2018

Team First Asia gathered last July 21, 2018 at Lima Park Hotel for the Management Board Forum, the annual gathering of leaders for a day of training; sharing of milestones, accomplishments, learning experiences, and future plans; while having a good time in each other’s company. A total of 115 officers and selected managers attended this year's MBF.

For the Management Learning Session, Prof. Richard Anthony L. Cruz, Associate Professor at Asian Institute of Management, facilitated a workshop entitled "Achieving Growth: Moving from Brand Preference to Brand Relevance”. His workshop centered on the differences between the two routes to brand growth and profitability. According to him, companies today should strive to win the market by infusing transformational and substantial innovations to create offerings that define new categories or subcategories (brand relevance) rather than generating preference among the choices considered by customers (brand preference). He further noted that the pursuit of brand relevance shows the willingness of the company to take risks by going outside their comfort zone as represented by the existing target market, value proposition, and business model.

In the afternoon, the different affiliates shared updates from the last fiscal year.

To cap off the event, FAVC President Brian L. Belen, PhD talked about the milestones and growth achieved by each company. He also talked about the group's strategic master plan. On the other hand, FAVC Chairman Mr. Saturnino G. Belen took the opportunity to thank the people behind the network’s 35 fruitful years. 

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