Diwa and Brainsparks spur innovation among employees

Diwa Learning Systems Inc. partnered with Brainsparks for the second staging of Diwa Hackathon, a three-day hackshop (hackathon workshop) aimed to promote collaborative innovation and skills development among its employees last June 23, 30, and July 28, 2018.

The second Diwa Hackathon was a 6-week event which was designed as a Sprint (an approach to project development and management) where participants collaborate intensively to address critical issues relevant to the present business realities of the company. It also enables the creation, testing, and development of new solutions and even new products.

A total of 40 participants from the University Press of First Asia, eLearning Training, Accounting, Information Technology, and Product Development departments were convened to come up with projects that could add to or enhance Diwa’s product offerings. The participants were divided into eight groups with five members each.

JumpSparc Founder Elymar Apao and Brainsparks Co-founder and Startup Coach Artie Lopez facilitated the discussions and activities on Design Thinking. Consultations were made during the four-week prototyping period. The groups were also asked to present and consult their project proposals to Mr. Lionel Belen, Brainsparks Founder and President; Ms. Elma Ropeta, Managing Director; Mr. Jun S. Sayson, Executive Director; Mr. Hermie V. Salita, Executive Director; and Ms. Liz Payofelin, Vice President for Information Technology.

At the end of the six-week program, the groups were able to produce eight innovative and commercially promising prototypes.

Some of the technologies employed in the prototypes developed were augmented reality, online platforms, and language learning technologies.

Moreover, this corporate hackathon attests to the firm advocacy of Diwa and Brainsparks to promote innovation for a good cause, in this case, through education.

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