FAITH Colleges opens School of Graduate Studies; offers MBA and MIT

FAITH Colleges announces the launch of its School of Graduate Studies, which will initially offer two courses––the Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Information Technology with specialization in Systems Development (MIT).

According to Dean Rufo R. Mendoza, PhD, CPA, the FAITH School of Graduate Studies will embrace value creation as the foundation of business and information technology.

The MBA and MIT programs will be offered on a modular schedule. Instructional approach will combine strong theoretical foundations and practical applications delivered through interactive discussions and mentoring. Students will be exposed to real business situations through fieldwork, project studies and presentations, business application papers, system and process observations, and case analysis and studies. In the business application papers, the students will study and analyze their own workplace situations as part of the learning runway.

The faculty consists of experienced educators, managers, and executives who have a track record in various fields including managing business, public sector work, and development work, to name a few. The mix of local and international exposure of the faculty provides a productive ground for the students to become holistic and multidisciplinary. The group's faculty trajectory leans towards knowledge generation through research, production of instructional materials, and inter-organizational linkages.

This milestone proves that though FAITH Colleges is a relatively young institution, it continues to make impressive strides in education.

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