Team First Asia HR convenes for a summit

Aimed to align the strategic directions of the different human resources groups of Team First Asia, the Human Resources Development Summit was held last October 19 at Lima Park Hotel.

In partnership with Ariva Academy, the country’s leading provider of quality and fun-filled learning development opportunities, the HR staff of Team First Asia underwent a training focused on the importance of establishing and maintaining a people-first culture in their respective companies. Also highlighted in the training were the factors that shape an organization's culture and change. The session was facilitated by Ms. Fabi Carino, HR head of Aegis Network Philippines and a certified speaker of Ariva Academy.

Moreover, there was a talk about the Data Privacy Act to equip attendees with the knowledge to properly manage key pieces of information they commonly store. This is to prevent personal data from being misused by third parties for fraud, such as phishing scams and identity theft. Dr. Raymund Baesa, deputy data protection officer of FAITH Colleges, facilitated the learning session.

More than 40 HR personnel from the subsidiary companies under the network attended the summit.

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