Suds resumes operations amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the resilience of most companies and their capacity to adapt and innovate. For Suds Clothing Care Group (Suds), a Team First Asia company, they were able to continue their operations by employing specialized industrial laundry equipment, implementing new laundry service protocols, and creating an information campaign on laundry disinfection.

When the government-mandated quarantine was implemented last March 15, Suds immediately suspended its nationwide operations in all branches. They used this time for planning and establishing linkages to better serve their clients once they resume operations. 

One strategy that they thought of is to market their use of hygienic barrier washers, a technology which they had even before the pandemic. Unlike standard washers, these washing machines have two openings—one for loading before wash and one for unloading after wash. It may be built into a physical wall that separates the contaminated side from the clean side of the laundry area. Hence, a person using the machine would put dirty laundry on one side and remove it from the other side when the washing cycle is complete. This process eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and makes the equipment the ideal washing machine for companies where hygiene is valued the most, like hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.

Aside from that, they also worked with experts to establish Suds’ new normal that will ensure the health and safety of their stakeholders. Specifically, they partnered with Kreussler, a German company that specializes in textile chemistry and pharmaceutical. This collaboration allowed Suds to create a set of standards and processes in disinfecting laundry. These newly-formed protocols are all aligned with the studies of and measures practiced by Kreussler and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany’s central institution for the identification, surveillance, and prevention of infectious diseases. 

Suds gradually reopened their branches in April 2020. To ensure the safety of their customers and employees, several protocols were put in place such as reducing store hours, limiting foot traffic, and establishing health guidelines. They also implemented contactless pick up and delivery that provides their clients a higher level of convenience and safety. Customers who would like to avail of this new service will be given a laundry bag (P350/bag inclusive of wash-dry-fold), which they may order through Grab or Lalamove or by visiting nearby Suds branches. And to further minimize contact, customers will be asked to load their laundry items in the bag, to segregate the blacks/darks from whites/lights, and to create an inventory in each bag. Online bank transfers are also encouraged as a mode of payment. As an additional precautionary measure, a two-day virus inactivation period will be implemented, which means upon acceptance of the bags, laundry items will be sealed and left untouched for two days to let the virus die. 

Moreover, in their continuing effort to help their stakeholders navigate through these trying times, Suds has recently launched Suds Superclean, a brand response that provides its customers with relevant information about laundry disinfection and offers Kreussler products that are certified by RKI for Philippine households. 

Established in 2003, Suds is a full service, retail professional garment care, and cleaning service company that caters to individuals and institutions. With several branches strategically located in several parts of the country, it has grown to become one of the top recognizable laundry and dry cleaning service brands.

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