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First Asia Venture Capital Inc. (First Asia) is a venture capital company involved in a number of Philippine-based businesses. First Asia started in 1977 as a management consultancy firm. Since then, it has been involved in mobilizing investments for various small-to-medium sized businesses. By 1983, First Asia was formally established and incorporated as a professionally managed venture


Omni Aviation resumes flight training with enhanced safety procedures

2020/Aug/25 12:16:02

After a three-month hiatus from all training activities, OMNI Aviation officially reopened its doors to aviation-aspirants last July. With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country, safety procedures inside the OMNI Complex have been enhanced and training guidelines have been augmented as safety precautions.

The ‘new normal’ has also been adapted in the conduct of training at OMNI. Social distancing, mandatory